Top 10 Upcoming Games 2017


Role-playing games offer a big variety of sub-genres that virtually guarantee an epic journey for every type of gamer. These story-driven games usually set in fictional or fantasy worlds settings present endless possibilities for players. In the end of the day every role-playing game has a story that you get to unfold. Your decisions combined with your actions will influence the outcome and progress of your game almost like in real life. RPGs have changed quite a bit since they first came around and there are many unforgettable things on the horizon for the popular genre nowadays yet developers continue to keep gamers on the edge with new features, stories and endings. Here is a list of the 10 most anticipated upcoming role-playing games of 2017. Go ahead and check them out, maybe there are some you can’t imagine your days and nights without, after all games are fun but they’re super addictive, so at your own risk read on about these new exciting features of your favourite games.
Pyre is the third title from Transistor where you can lead a band of exiles across a wasteland looking for an escape while participating in a challenging almost dodgeball-like arcane rite. In this game the teams of three are against each other in an arena trying to get the orb into their opponent’s pyre which is not exactly easy because they have to steal, dash, pass and jump. Whoever wins in this game will be allowed to return from exile and meet a big number of characters where you will have a say as to let them stay or make them go away. Just like in any other game you will be able to interact with your party members and traverse the world.

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