Many of us have heard about acupuncture, but there’s another ancient healing technique that has been around for more than 5,000 years. This technique, acupressure, has a lot of similarities with acupuncture, but it doesn’t use needles to heal patients. Instead, it uses acupoints that are located all over the human body. When pressure is applied to these acupoints, the balance of life energy is restored. Sometimes our meridians get blocked – that’s when pain appears. When healers apply pressure to acupoints, they unblock meridians and make the pain go away. There’s also a release of endorphins, which is a pleasant experience by itself. When endorphins are released in the brain, feelings of pleasure arise and the pain vanishes. Thus, the balance of our bodies is restored.

Knee pain
One good thing about acupressure is that anyone can practice it. It’s okay if you don’t get the technique 100% right – you will still experience a pleasant effect. Although, pregnant women and people with cancer should do this under supervision. Our bodies have hundreds of acupoints, but some are easier to find than others. Here’s a list of basic acupoints that will help you improve your health.