Body After Baby: Stars Who Slimmed Down After Giving Birth

Kate Middleton

Only women know how hard it is to lose weight after you’ve given birth. This task becomes way harder when you are a popular celebrity, for there´s a lot of pressure on your shoulders. Of course, everyone expects you to recover your stunning body in a matter of days. Interestingly and amazingly enough, there are some Hollywood mothers that have achieved this seemingly impossible task.

Everyone remembers how viral Princess Charlotte´s birth was. But, what was even more impressive is the fact that, just a month later, Duchess Kate managed to show off her stunning and gorgeous figure. Kate has two children now and she looks fit. She gave birth to the first child, a baby boy George Alexander Louis on 22 July 2013. Just a year later, a royal couple announced on 8 September 2014 that they’re waiting for the second child. On 2 May 2015 Kate gave a birth to the second child- Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Kate is on a low-calorie diet and she’s exercising a lot.

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