Warm homemade meals that immediately put you in a good mood. They bring back nostalgic and sentimental value, remind you of good childhood memories. So called ‘comfort food’ is something we tend to like and appreciate. It may be specific either to the individual or a culture. We all have one of those meals that we crave when we are under the weather and the sky seems to be gloomy and we are feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders. Nothing like a good meal fixes that. However today we’re not going to talk about this sort of thing. I am afraid it’s going to be quite the opposite. Why do people do it to themselves? Here is a list of 10 grosses foods people love to eat.

1. Sal de Gusano (México)

Tequila shots and salt go hand in hand, and who on Earth doesn’t like those, right? The only thing you need to know about this slightly savory salt when you are in Mexico is that it’s made out of WORMS. Ground-up gusano worms with rock salt and chiles give tequila shots an unforgettable flavour. It’s funny that some people cringe at the thought of consuming critters whereas others think that’s the way to go. They make healthy protein and are consumed in 130 countries! And in Mexico, bugs or worms are hardly revolutionary. This kind of salt is widely used in Mezcal, Michelada, on fruits and salads, or in signature Mexican dishes. In old times it was a delicacy consumed only by Aztec emperors. Now you can devour it any time you like if you are not a vegetarian of course!