Some people like to play with dolls some want to look like them. Call it an obsession or a weird behaviour, but there is a big number of people in the world that alter their bodies and facial appearance in the most bizzare way possible just to look like their favourite dolls they used to play with when they were kids. It’s a funny thing that some of them don’t even want to admit that they’re doing it, but as Shakira says hips don’t like and maybe these people are not for everyone’s taste, but whether we like it or not, they are among us. Go ahead and check these human dolls out.

1. Sarah Burge
This ‘Human Barbie’ has got a plastic surgery-obsession. Sarah is a single mother-of-three and she holds the world record for the most cosmetic procedures. She has spent over $600,000 to get the perfect face and body, she is no stranger to needles and nowadays she regularly gets Botox injections by herself. Sarah literally has had cosmetic procedures done on everything, from head to toe. Breast implants, butt implants, liposuction, a tummy tuck, fat transfers you name it! Yet it seems like Sarah just can’t be pleased with the way she looks. Even doctors have already refused to perform those “nip and tuck” on her face and hands as it is getting way too dangerous. Sarah loves media blitz and she became even more popular after giving her daughter permission to Botox injections into her facial muscles at the age of 15. Sarah is notorious for teaching her 7 years old daughter pole dance and giving her other daughter boob-job voucher.